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Hi, my name is“ TAVINOSHIORI ”

Tavinoshiori is the Tavinos’s main attendant equipped with artificial intelligence. Simply speak to Tavinoshiori(only availabie in English,Chinese,Japanese), which is located in the lobby, to have your questions answered in an easy-to-understand manner with the use of signage on the large screen.


It is the custom in Japan for travelers to carry around a hand-drawn guide map known as a “tabi-no-shiori” on which the items they need and their schedule, etc., is written. Therefore, the word “Tavinoshiori” has been named after the hotel name “Tavinos” and “tabi-no-shiori” as a modern-day informational guide map.
We hope you will find it useful during your travels.


In addition to weather forecasts and transportation information, it also provides a wide range of information on recommended sightseeing routes, events and other such items. By scanning the QR codes displayed on the screen for the information that interests you, it is possible to check the details on your smartphone. Why not drop by for a chat with Tavinoshiori before you leave the hotel?

  • Recommended Sightseeing Routes

    Recommended Sightseeing Routes

    Tavinos staff members will be happy to suggest recommended sightseeing routes.

  • Dining and Drinking Information

    Dining and Drinking Information

    Introduces popular restaurants and restaurants recommended by Tavinos.

  • Sightseeing Information

    Sightseeing Information

    Providing up-to-date information on popular spots, etc.

  • Featured Contents

    Featured Contents

    Provides featured information on popular spots, events and other such topics.

  • Weather Forecast

    Weather Forecast

    Check the weather for the entire country.

  • SNS Links

    SNS Links

    Check out the official Tavinos account on Instagram

  • Event Information

    Event Information

    Provides information on the events recommended by the Tavinos.

  • Transportation Information

    Transportation Information

    Provides information on public transportation around the hotel.