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When is the opening date?

The hotel will open on June 15, 2020.

Which floor are the front desk and lounge?

It's on 2nd floor.

How far is it from the nearest station to the hotel?

Approximately a 12-minute walk from the A4 exit of the Toei Asakusa Station

Approximately a 11-minute walk from the No.1 exit of the Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station

Approximately a 4-minute walk from the A1 exit of the Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

Approximately a 9-minute walk from the No.3 exit of the Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station

Where is the hotel?

2-18-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Do you have parking lot ?

We don't have parking lot. We recommend you to park your car on parking lot near the hotel.

Please tell me all your room types. / How many room types do you have?

We have Hollywood Twin Room (184), Double Room (75), Adjoining Room (9 pairs, 18 Twin), Universal Room (1).
All rooms are 12m² except the Universal Room. Maximun capacity accommodate 2 person per room.

How many rooms do you have?

We have 278 rooms. All the rooms are non smoking.

From which floor is the guest room?

From 3rd to 13th floor.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in: 15:00 to 24:00 / Check-out: 6:00 to 11:00
(The above times may differ depending on your accommodation plan or contract.)

* Staff will not be on duty after 24:00 for check-ins or before 6:00 for check-outs, so ring the bell located on the front desk for service.

Do we need to pay anything when checking in?

It is necessary to pay all accommodation costs in advance at the Hotel Tavinos.
You are therefore requested to prepare either cash or credit cards (one-time payment only accepted with credit cards).

Is it possible to extend the check-out time?

For all type of rooms, it'll be required 1100JPY/hour between 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Is the lobby entrance open 24hours?

We will lock the main entrance from 24:00 to 6:00 for your comfortable stay and safty. If you have to contact us from outside, please push the call button which is next the entrance on the wall. Also if you already cheked in and have your room key, you can open the entrance by yourself after midnight.

Is there any amenity in the room?

There are Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Body soap, Face and hand soap in the room.  

What kind of amenity do you have?

Slippers, Hairbrushes, Toothbrushes, Night wares, and Cotton swabs are available in the lobby. Feel free to stop by for whatever you need.

Please tell me about equipments in the guest room.

All the rooms have Hair dryer · TV · Telephone · Tissue · Air purifier · Glass · Folding Table (top size 400 × 500) · Folding chair × 1 · Hanger × 2 × 2 set.
※There is no refrigerator in the room.

Are there Nightwears in the room?

There are no Nightwears in the room. If you need Nightwears, feel free to take them from the lobby on the 2nd floor.

Are there bath towels in the room?

Bath towels and facial towels are available in all rooms.

What amenities and equipment are provided in the guest room?

Guest rooms include a hair dryer, TV, extension phone, bath towels, face towels, face and hand soap, tissues, a Nanoe air purifier/cleaner, an electric kettle, cups, a folding table (400 × 500 mm), a folding chair, and clothes hangers (2 sets of 2).

What items are available to borrow from the hotel?

Mobile device chargers, power adapters, humidifiers, clothe irons, ironing boards, extra pillows, blankets, extension cords, and sewing kits are available for free from the front desk. Please note, however, that supplies are limited.

Is breakfast provided in the morning?

Free bread (limited quantity) is available in the lounge from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Is there a drink bar in the lounge?

From 6:30 to 24:00, there is a self service coffee machine in the lounge.

Is there laundry service?

Sorry, we don't have.

Is there coin laundry service?

There are coin laundry room (4 washing machines and 4 dryer machines) on the 2nd floor. Open 24 hours. Laundry liquid is automatically inside of washing machine.

Is it possible to arrange massage sevice?

We are sorry for your inconvenience. We don't have massage service.

Is there currency exchange service in the hotel?

We are sorry for your inconvenience. We don't have currency exchange service. 

May I use the internet in the hotel?

All rooms provide free Wi-Fi.

Is there newspaper?

Sorry, we don't have.

Is there wake up call service?

There is wake up call service. If you want to use the service, please feel free to contact us.

May I call outside line from the room?

We are sorry that it's for the landline telephone call only.

Are there elevators in the hotel?

There are 3 elevators. 

Is there any smoking space in hotel?

We are sorry that all rooms are non smoking room.

How could I get room cleaning service during my stay?

To be kind to our Planet and her resources during your stay instead of usual daily cleaning service, we only exchange your towels and  take out your  garbage. 
 However, once every 2 days (counting since the day after check in) we also change bed sheets and clean up your bathroom (free of charge).
  If you want a daily cleaning service (2200JPY/night), please put a [Cleaning Card] on your door.

Can you take care of our luggage if we arrive before the check-in time?

There are free lockers in the lobby. And we are sorry that we don't storage valuable and fragile items. 

Is it okay to have our luggage delivered to the hotel?

Ask directly at the hotel.

Can we send our luggage elsewhere from the hotel?

Ask directly at the hotel.

Do I have to pay extra if I stay with my children?

If your child is youger than 6 yrs old, you can share your bed and there is no fee.

Is it possible to stay at the hotel with our pet?

Pets are not permitted to stay in the hotel. 
However, no such rule is in place for seeing-eye dogs and other service dogs.

What is the hotel tax in Tokyo?

Check the following website operated by the Tokyo Bureau of Taxation.(PDF)