【Hamamatsucho】Cherry blossom forecast & nearby cherry blossom viewing spot📣🌸


Cherry blossom season will soon be upon us😍💗.
The blooming is expected on 3/22 in Tokyo, so we will introduce 3 cherry blossom viewing spots around HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho 📣✨.

📍Kyu Shiba Rikyu Onshi Garden
This is one of Tokyo's remaining gardens of the feudal lords.
There are about 35 cherry blossom  in the garden, mainly Someiyoshino cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy the contrast between the garden and the cherry blossoms 📷🌸.
Why don't you take a walk in the garden and feel the arrival of spring? ✨
▷About 6 minutes walk from HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho

📍 Zojoji Temple
One of the seven head temples of the Jodo sect, this is a temple with a long history.
The temple grounds overlooking Tokyo Tower are home to approximately 200 cherry blossoms , making for a truly sumptuous collaboration of cherry blossoms, Zojoji Temple, and Tokyo Tower ✨.
▷About a 15-minute walk from HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho

📍Shiba Park
Shiba Park was one of the first parks in Japan designated in 1873.
As it is the knee of Tokyo Tower, you can enjoy the fantastic view of Tokyo Tower and cherry blossoms lit up at night ✨.
If you have time, why don't you enjoy the city of Hamamatsucho from the sky at Tokyo Tower and spend some healing time in Shiba Park with the cherry blossoms? 😆
▷About 19 minutes walk from HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho

Please use this as a reference if you are staying at HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho 📣💕