Companies, organizations and individuals who use the Online Accommodation Booking Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by WHG HOTEL TAVINOS INC. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") are required to comply with the following Online Accommodation Booking Service Terms of Use.

Section 1 Application of These Terms of Use
These Terms of Use apply to the Company and users of the Service as defined in Section 2 (hereinafter referred to as "Users").
Section 2 The Service
The Service refers to the service for accepting online applications by Users who use the method prescribed by the Company to make a booking at accommodation facilities provided by the Company.
Section 3 Conditions of Using the Service
Users who use the Service must comply with these Terms of Use.
A User who uses the Service to book accommodation is asked to register their name, address, phone number and email address etc.
Users acknowledge that the content of the accommodation service provided through the Service is limited, and they may not request additional services or price discounts.
Section 4 Formation of an Accommodation Agreement
Your accommodation booking via the Service is completed when your booking number appears in your browser or when an email confirming the details of the accommodation booking is issued, and at that point in time an Accommodation Agreement is formed between the accommodation facility and the User.
Article 5 Cancellation of a Booking by the Company
Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Section, if the Company decides that a User who has applied to book accommodation has infringed against these Terms of Use or has performed any act that is prohibited under Section 6, the Company may cancel the User's accommodation booking without prior notice.
Section 6 Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited when using the Service.

  • Making a false or illegitimate application when booking accommodation.
  • Applying to book accommodation for another party without their permission.
  • Unreasonably interfering with operation of the Service and causing disadvantage to the Company or performing an act that raises concern of such interference.
  • Infringing against the rights of another User or a third-party, causing them to sustain loss, or performing an act that raises concern of such infringement.
  • Using the Service for a commercial purpose such as a reseller or intermediary for profit.
  • Performing any act contrary to public morals or any illegal act, or performing any act that raises concern of such behavior.
  • In addition to the above, performing any other act the Company considers inappropriate.
Section 7 Canceling or Changing a Booking

If a User wishes to cancel or make a change to an accommodation booking, they should contact the accommodation facility using the Company's online booking system or by telephone. A User who cancels all or part of an accommodation booking must pay penalties (cancellation fee) as described below based on the accommodation provisions prescribed by the accommodation facility, except that if specific amounts for penalties are prescribed in the accommodation plan, those penalties shall apply.

Penalty rates (cancellation fee) as a ratio of the accommodation fee.
Cancellation notice the previous day 20%
Cancellation notice on the day 80%
No notice 100%

Cancellation Charge during the event
60 Days Prior to 8 Days Prior 50%
7 Days Prior to Accommodation Day 100%
No Show 100%

Section 8 Information on Users

Except for the reasons listed following, the Company may not disclose to any third party, personal information or the usage history of a User the Company learns in the course of providing the Service.

  • When requested to disclose such information by a government organ with legitimate authority.
  • When disclosing such information with the approval of the individual concerned.
  • When necessary to deal with an emergency. The Company may use the information of registered Users for the purpose of analyzing trends of usage of the Service.
    In this case, the Company will not disclose personal information or the usage history of a User by a method that enables the company, organization or individual concerned to be identified. Users' personal information is handled by the Company based on the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy.
Personal Information Protection Policy
Section 9 Payment
Charges for the accommodation booked through the Service will be notified to the User in the email sent by the Company to the User confirming the details of the booked accommodation. The User must pay the accommodation charges at the accommodation facility when they check in using the payment method prescribed by the accommodation facility. If there are ancillary charges for the accommodation other than the charges notified in the confirmation email sent by the Company, the User shall pay those to the accommodation facility.
Section 10 Suspension of the Service

In the following cases, the Company may temporarily suspend the Service without prior notice.

  • In order to perform maintenance checks, repairs or modifications etc. to servers.
  • If a system or equipment etc. required to provide the Service fails.
  • If a temporary system suspension is required in order to repair or do a version upgrade etc. of a computer program.
  • If there is a communication failure due to an Internet problem.
  • In the event of some other unavoidable circumstance.
Section 11 Disclaimer
The Company accepts no liability in the event that a User causes trouble or loss to another party through usage of the Service and the parties concerned must resolve any such issue among themselves. Further, the Company accepts no liability for any inconvenience or loss affecting a User due to being unable to use the Service because of a reason as prescribed in Section 10 or a problem with the state of the communications network etc.
Section 12 Changes to These Terms of Use
The Company may change these Terms of Use whenever necessary without prior notice to Users. By continuing to use the Service after any such changes to the Terms of Use, a User is deemed to have accepted the newly changed Terms of Use.
Section 13 Consultations
If any problem should arise in the course of usage of the Service concerning a matter not prescribed in these Terms of Use, the parties shall consult in good faith to resolve the issues.
Section 14 Court of Jurisdiction
Any dispute that arises in relation to usage of the Service that is unable to be resolved through consultations between the parties, shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Japan at the court having jurisdiction over the area in which the Company has its address.

As at January 17, 2019.