We are waiting for our colleagues to work together in HOTEL TAVINOS

Our job is to do our best to host guests from all over the world. We are looking for someone not only for customer service but also for various type of works such as planning and marketing. You can brush up your communication skill as well as linguistic ability. We look forward to your application.


Dealing with hotel guests, duties relating to planning and marketing, duties relating to office management (accounting, general affairs, personnel, etc.)
(The job will enable you to use your language skills to the utmost, and provide you with an opportunity to improve your communication skills)
Experienced and non-experienced personnel are welcome regardless of academic background
Within metropolitan Tokyo (Hamamatsucho, Asakusa, etc.)
* Hamamatsucho scheduled to open in August 2019 and Asakusa in May 2020
Employment Type
Permanent employee (WHG Hotel Tavinos Co., Ltd.)
From 257,000 yen
Pay Rise
Dependent on evaluation
All staff covered by social insurance
Welfare Services
Discount system for FUJITA KANKO Group facilities
Days Off, Paid Leave
100 days per year (shift system), 8 per month, 9 per month
Annual paid leave (10 days in the first year)
* A planned annual leave allotment system is in effect for guaranteeing that all employees take at least five days paid leave.
Childcare leave, nursing care leave, etc.
Average Number of Hours Worked Per Month
7.5H/day x 21 days = 157.5H/month
Number of Employees to be Recruited
Date of Work Commencement
Officially join the company in April 2019
Hotel Tavinos Recruitment Center