[Kyoto]Enjoy an extraordinary experience of "Japanese style x POP culture" at HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto ◎


HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto, which depicts Japan's unique landscapes and culture in POP, is full of charm, including not only the photo-perfect interior, but also a stylish tea room, a full range of free services, and a location within walking distance of Kiyomizu-dera Temple! We will introduce you to the highlights of HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto.

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What is HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto?


HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto is a HOTEL TAVINOS brand with a ''MANGA'' motif, and has an interior design that gives you a sense of ''Japanese style.'' The interior of the museum is filled with Japanese-style images of Japan's unique landscapes and culture, and is filled with Japanese character everywhere you can see.

Furthermore, it is located in the center of the Higashiyama district, which includes the terminal station Kyoto Station, the downtown areas of Kawaramachi and Gion, and Kiyomizu Temple, making it a convenient base for enjoying sightseeing with a light foot.

Guest rooms focused on “fun” and “comfort”


A unique guest room that will make you feel like you have jumped into the world of MANGA the moment you open the door. We offer three patterns (sumo, public bath, and moon viewing) with the theme of landscapes originating from Japan.

List of room types

There are 7 types of guest rooms. Please choose your preferred room type depending on the number of guests and accommodation style.

Hollywood twin room/double room/triple room (3 beds)/triple room (bunk bed + sofa bed)/universal double room/universal twin room/connecting room

Chic and stylish tea room


At the back of the lobby lounge on the third floor is a chic tea room with a black theme. Coupled with the white glowing neon lights, it creates a stylish atmosphere.

Guests staying at the hotel can use it for free, so why not take a photo for your social media photos in HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto's original tea room?

Comprehensive free services


As a free service, we offer a wide variety of amenities, a coffee machine that can be used until 12pm, and a limited number of small breads and powdered soup in the morning.

There is also a self-service cloakroom that you can take in and out as you like, so you can leave your bulky luggage at HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto and travel light.

For details on amenities, please refer to the official website from the URL below.

How to get to HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto


Directions from Itami (Osaka International) Airport (by plane)

Take the limousine bus and get off at Kyoto Station's Hachijo Exit (approx. 55 minutes); Keihan Bus from Kyoto Station: Hachijo Exit bus stop Shijo Yamashina Daigo Line 312 bound for Keihan Rokujizo ⇒ (approx. 13 minutes) ⇒ Get off at Kawaramachi Gojo bus stop in front.

Directions from Kansai International Airport (airplane)

Take Kansai Airport Line Limited Express Haruka and get off at Kyoto Station (approx. 90 minutes). From Kyoto Station, take municipal bus: bus terminal A2 bus stop No. 4, No. 17, No. 205 (approx. 13 minutes) ⇒ Get off at Kawaramachi Gojo bus stop, right in front of the bus.

How to get there by train

・3 minutes walk from Shimizu Gojo Station (Keihan Main Line)
・3 minutes walk from Shimizu Gojo Station (Keihan Main Line)
・10 minutes walk from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu Kyoto Line)

HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto is full of fun activities

We have introduced the charms of HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto all at once.

Why not enjoy a comfortable trip to Kyoto at HOTEL TAVINOS Kyoto, a fusion of Japanese culture and the latest technology?