[Asakusa] 5 recommended dishes to try while walking around Sensoji Temple


Speaking of things, you can look forward to when sightseeing in Asakusa, is food that can be eaten on the go. 😋
This time, we will introduce to you 5 goodies to choose from while walking around Sensoji Temple, from salty to sweet! ♡

※In Asakusa, "eating while walking" is prohibited. Please use the eating and drinking space attached to the shop or eat and drink in a nearby space, where you can sit and eat.

Table of Contents

1.Asakusa Anshin-ya

"Asakusa Anshin-ya" serves Taiwanese-style “bigger than you face” fried chicken. 🍖
Due to long queue always forming there, this shop can be regarded as a new Asakusa specialty.
The aroma of spices and the crunchy texture of the chicken are deliciously addictive. 💗

2.Asakusa Seisakusho Tempura Chips

At "Asakusa Seisakusho," you can enjoy some unique snack.
Here they sell chips that are actually just a flattened under a high pressure tempura! The crunchy texture is light, but highly satisfying😋💗
They would be great for eating on the go, or just as a snack to crunch on, when you are feeling a little hungry✨

3.Asakusa Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice Orangeel

"Orangeel" is a place, that offers freshly squeezed orange juice inside an actual orange!
You drink it just by inserting a straw directly into the fruit and refreshing sweetness instantly spreads inside your mouth.
What a perfect drink for a hot day!

4.Kamakura Sweets Asakusa Kaminarimon Branch

If you are in the mood for some wagashi, we recommend "Kamakura Sweets Asakusa Kaminarimon Branch" 🎌 
Here, you can enjoy desserts made with traditional Japanese confectionary "warabimochi" 🍢
The chewy and jiggly mochi texture goes perfectly with thick and sweet drinks they also offer here. 💗

5.Imoyasu, a baked sweet potato specialty store

In “Imoyasu” they have a variety of dishes made from sweet potatoes: addictively crunchy chips, baked potatoes topped with ice cream and delicious sandwiches with sweet filling and plenty of fresh cream. 

Enjoy Asakusa food to your heart's content ♪

The appeal of eating on the go is that you don’t need to choose one dish.
Instead you can enjoy a lot of tasty food, from salty to sweet, just by walking and sightseeing around.
The five places, we have introduced to you this time, are all packed with deliciousness that is unique to Asakusa! Be sure to enjoy them, when you come to visit. 😋